Astral Alchemist

Mine & craft in space. Use the elements you find to spawn new planets with unique threats, obstacles and resources. (5).gif

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Your origin and purpose are unknown and you find yourself alone in a far-flung star system devoid of any life or planets. You have only your damaged ship and a tool known as the Genesis Device.

As you develop and expand your galaxy, you'll need strategy and ingenuity to keep your planetary network functioning and protect it from cosmic threats.

Astral Alchemist is currently in development and we are excited to share what we have so far.

ABout astral alchemist

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Transform barren asteroids into new planets, expanding your galaxy. 

Arm the Genesis Device with the elemental resources you discover. Those elements will determine the type and composition of the planet that is spawned. Use the power to create worlds to help you find the resources you need to survive, and perhaps find the answers you seek.


Collect resources, process materials, build equipment and structures that are essential for survival.

The gear you craft and the structures you create all serve a purpose. Whether it's protecting you and your gear from sulfuric rain and volatile seismic activity, or automating essential mining and production processes, you will need to choose how to use your resources based on the unique conditions of each planet.

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Explore the distinct faces of voxel-based cubic planets, each offering the chance to uncover incredible sights and valuable resources.

Each planet can be thought of as equivalent to a biome. The planet's composition will determine the environmental and atmospheric conditions that create threats like temperature and radiation as well as the unique combination of resources to be collected.

Concept Art

Sulfur Planet Concept

Carbon Planet Concept


Early  Item  Concepts


Early Planet Concepts